Shopping. We do it in all sorts of forms. It's kinda why you're here reading this.

All of these things come from a source. A someone. Someone had an idea. Whether they created the item, gathered a team together to perform a job, or studied a topic & now educates others on it. As a consumer with a pretty good understanding of marketing, it's more important for me to know about the source. The someone who had this idea in which I'm interested in.

Gettin' real here y'all, but think about it. You're more apt to do business with someone when you like & trust them. I'm more interested in the face behind the brand. I want to know more about the person really than the brand itself. That's a deciding factor for me.

Who is the real person responsible here?

I welcome you to the Real Charleston Women Series.

Take a peek at some of the up & coming female entrepreneurs in our Charleston, SC area & learn exactly where these rising brand personalities come from.

Meet the Real Women

Emma Cohen - EmCo Arts

Creative. Fun. Loud. You will often catch this visual artist & lover of Cross Fit at The Station in Park Circle. If she could make a rule? Everyone would have to create a self portrait in any medium.. except cell phone selfies.

Vivian Walton - The Seasoned Marketer

Catch her weekly videos on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram as she shares marketing tips, tools & tactics for resourceful business owners. (Or catch her on her back porch with her husband watching wildlife... including alligators!)

Amanda Sheridan - Charleston Bag Valet

This girl is on fire! (Also her life's theme song.) She's genuine, optimistic & enthusiastic. Recently featured in Charleston Magazine as one of their 5 Local Standout Startups.

Becky Connelly - Non Disclosure Apparel

Comfort is also at the forefront for this inventor turned entrepreneur. After providing us with a very important solution, she recharges with an epsom salt bath, a book (loving Elizabeth Gilbert right now) & a hoodie sweatshirt.

Dana Susina - King Street Minivans

She took the "hard" out of rental cars. Aside from customizing your rental van ride, you can find her dining at Chasing Sage or traveling the world with her husband & daughter. Their latest lounge spot? Iceland.

Hayley Kruth - Moxie Made

Ultimate brand builder. Bearded dragon owner. Lover of llamas. This branding powerhouse works with determined dreamers to turn an idea into a business through brand strategy & design. When she's not busy empowering others, she's bike riding on the beach with her husband, Nick.

Melora Morgan - Serenity Tree Yoga

"Yoga, to me, is a celebration of life. It is a love of what IS —a way to find calm amongst the chaos. And I have to say,  I am really proud of the little yoga community that we have built." We can absolutely lounge with this.

Allyson Thornton - Dragonfly Gifting

Shopping for a special & unique gift? She is up for the challenge. Founded in May 2021, Allyson's company can help create the perfect gift item for your friends, loved ones, & clients. She's also one heckofa party planner.

Sarah-Katherine Garcia - Caffeinate and Bake

A personal friend of mine from years past, SK enjoys lounging on any tropical beaches, doing yoga in the sunshine, & working in her very impressive garden. Click above to learn what comfort really means to her.

Abigail & Grayson Altman - 2 Blondes of Charleston

Learn more about the local Charleston fashion & restaurant scene from these two bloggers. The identical content creators have London & Italy on their bucket list & rely on faith as their secret weapon.

Jess Teruel - The Jess Teruel Show

She's a talk show host & monthly women's group leader who aims to provide BIG shoutouts to SMALL businesses in South Carolina. When she's not busy traveling across the state, you'll find her on the volleyball court, enjoying some tacos from Taco Boy or entertaining her group "Ladies Brunch GVL."