Lounge With Us is a premier online boutique delivering real comfort to real women in real situations through loungewear, lifestyle, and longevity. But what does that really mean? For starters, our vision is to be where comfort meets confidence, where work meets life, and where all can lounge with us. We believe that beauty is a feeling, not just a feature, compassion is an action, not just a thought, and growth is a process, not just a destination. Lounge With Us sells the most loungetastic slow-fashion out there while also advocating lounge as a lifestyle. 

What constitutes loungewear? The most comfortable clothing you look forward to wearing that still flatters your body shape. Loungewear is a genre of clothing that has been, sadly, overlooked by the leaders in fashion – that is until now. Here you will find our handpicked collections of women’s loungewear brands alongside travel and lounging accessories from all around the world.

Who shops here? Women working from home, women who travel for a living, mamas, women newly out of surgery, women chilling in their dorm room, any woman whose fashion priority is to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. We offer loungewear for all women and all occasions.

By shopping at Lounge With Us, you are supporting small businesses run by women just like you and me. Because let’s face it – who runs the world?

Meet Erin Yates, Founder & Owner 

South Carolina native, mother to Dolly the Frenchie, and Lounge-aholic, Erin Yates launched Lounge With Us in December 2020 from the comfort of her own home. Prior to following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of her family, Erin worked in the lingerie industry for nearly 10 years and women’s shoes before that, learning exactly what comfort really means to women.

After meeting so many different types of women and having oodles of conversations regarding body image in the dressing rooms she felt it was her time to provide real women with the real comfort and confidence they deserve.

With this, she quit her job in the midst of the pandemic and has spent every day since working towards just that: delivering real comfort to real women in real situations through loungewear, lifestyle, and longevity.

So whether you are sitting in a virtual boardroom behind your computer, boarding an 8-hour flight headed straight to a business meeting, welcoming new neighbors over for the backyard BBQ, or sipping wine watching The Golden Girls or The Bachelor, we have thought of it all and want you to still feel confident, powerful, and beautiful whilst doing so. Because guess what? You are.