Why Hello Friend, 

I bet that subject line caught your attention 👀 I just figure your inbox is about to be flooded with "Thankful" & "Blessed" subject lines (both of which I am!) but the two adjectives aren't constant feelings ALL of the time in the forefront of my mind & I bet not yours either.  As I sit here writing this next to Dad in his hospital bed in my parents' living room, I can't help but feel a little bitterness & honestly lack of thrill for the holiday season approaching. (See beginning of the last sentence for that reason.) This is #inreallounge.

Now I am not a Debbie Downer by any means. In fact, most people who know me will say I'm one of the most positive people they know. Somehow whe something terrible or sad or just unfortunate happens, I am programmed to automatically go into recovery mode. Meaning my brain goes straight to, "But the bright side is..." or "What I'm learning from this is...." I don't harp on negativity. It takes way more energy to battle it. However, I do have pet peeves just like we all do. And I thought, "Hmmm..." Why not throw together a list of things I'm NOT thankful for? I know someone can relate. And honest to goodness, I write this hoping to provide a smile to your face. Because let's face it. Life isn't always sunshine & rainbows. But when it's not, I do hope I can spread a little happiness your way. Let me know if you, too, are NOT thankful for any of these things:

Drivers that you let in front of you & they do not courtesy wave.
I mean it is the polite thing to do. I swear the courtesy wave should be included in Driver's Ed these days. You are not in that much of a hurry to not throw your hand up & wave it around a few seconds no matter what you're watching while you illegally scroll on TikTok while driving.

Battery life on my laptop & why does it get so hot?
So I spent how much money at Costco during tax free weekend on a new laptop just to discover it can handle an unplugged session for like 2 hours? Say what!? Plus this thing feels like it can cook a Shoney's breakfast platter on it in minutes.

The Tupperware Cabinet
I don't care how many organizers you may buy from QVC or Bed, Bath & Beyond, but you KNOW you have a cabinet that looks like this &/or has looked like this. And I'm not thankful for the ONE lid that I look for to fit the container that I have 5 of & not ONE lid fits it. Thank goodness for tin foil. And don't get me started on saran wrap. Erin & saran wrap do NOT get along.


 Kitchen appliances that are too smart for their own good.

Just click here.

Decaf coffee.
It's not that I'm not thankful. I just don't think we understand each other. Me & the Decaf. Is it just for the taste? It must be... Here again I am a min. 3 cup/day Eight O'Clock drinker. With the caf.

Over stuck price tags on rather delicate items.
I'm talking to you, TJ Maxx. Have you ever roamed the aisles in this world of wonder just to find the perfect picture frame but alas has this gooey piece of paper right smack dab in the middle of the glass? Why do they do that? They need better "sticker placement" training IMO. *Pro Tip* Use Lemon oil to help get the goo off.

Childhood Cancer. Adult Cancer. Cancer.
I'm confident in stating this is the number one thing I am least thankful for. It's unfair. It's scary as hell. It's heartbreaking. It's something I don't & will never have control over. (In terms of others) I 100% understand now what it means when they say, "They fought hard" or "They are fighting hard" because it is a brutal battle. Mentally & physically. But I do have to end this part with what I AM thankful for. And that is the ability to physically be beside Dad anytime I need. I'm truly thankful for that. 

Honorable Mentions
Dust bunnies.
The sock drawer with 100 unmatched socks.
Darkness at 5:30PM
People whose goal it is to always find something to complain about.
Costco's Shrimp Salad (makes me gain weight 😏)

Did any of these ring true with you too? What did I miss that just burns your britches? Rumples your britches? You know what I mean. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Follow along on our socials for some special promos heading your way shortly.


November 23, 2022 — Erin Yates