I have a question for you. Before I ask it, here's the reason WHY I'm asking it. (Also if you're ever to read one of my personal newsletters where I spew the real stuff, this may be the one.)

A few weeks ago, Hayley & I hit the road to Beaufort, SC to sponsor a pajama party for the WE Getaway - a 3 night/4 day retreat hosted by Women Entrepreneurs Inc & Kimberly Sundt of mypersonalretreat.com. This event had been on my calendar for months & I was SO excited for this.

I knew going into it due to scheduling we were only able to attend 1 day/evening. Our plan was to attend some of the Day 3 activities, set up for a pajama party we were hosting, enjoy a beautiful dinner outdoors on the lawn & then introduce a wonderful group of women to Lounge With Us, our mission & what we have to offer.

But first...

I don't think I'd been to Beaufort since college & immediately upon arrival I told myself I already need to come back to explore this quaint, historic, moss-covered tree town again on my own time. I pictured Forrest Gump roaming around & felt like I was walking the streets of a mini-Savannah. We arrived around 10AM to the Beaufort Inn, a beautiful boutique inn that had rooms placed all over the property covering a block with lovely outdoor seating with fire pits scattered throughout. 

We walked a few blocks down to where the day's activities were being held. Truth. Sometimes walking into a room of powerhouse fempreneurs can be intimidating, amiright? I really wasn't sure what to expect. This group was absolutely delightful. I actually did know a few of the ladies there & the ones I did not know, it was almost as if we had already known one another for a while! This room was honest, real, & full of excitement. These women genuinely want to lift each other. Conversations were raw & appreciated. We were excited to listen to speakers who specialize in fields such as: social media, video, book writing, & the power of collaborations. I was so ready to immerse myself in this education. But then I felt a tiny twitch in my right eye. 

Photo of attendees in a small group session from the WE Inc. Retreat, image

 And then...

2 hours later, Hayley helps me into the Doctor's Care because by this point, I really couldn't see out of my right eye. It was swollen & hurt so badly. Without sparing any gruesome details, two dreadful words. Pink. Eye.  (Also left middle ear infection brewing in the mix.) Yes, I did feel like I was 10 years old again. So, I'm on this retreat I had for so long looked forward to in so much discomfort. I asked the man upstairs - Really? Why this now? I was ready to throw in the towel on everything.

Black and white photo of women at WE Inc. outdoor dinner, image

But later...

With the help of Hayley, (brand manager, dear friend, my nurse of the trip) we pulled off one heckova pajama party if I do say so myself. One eye & all. She reminded me it does not matter how you look. Appearances are just that. I did feel as though I could proceed with our plans of hosting a super fun night. I was honestly worried what these ladies would think of me returning to the scene looking cyclops-ish. I did not want to ruin any photos. Hayley gave me the reminder I really needed. I could do this. We returned to the scene just in time for dinner & were welcomed with hugs.

I felt comfortable. I was reminded comfort exists sometimes where you least expect it. Whether it be in a room of strangers or a fancy dinner in your half-broken glasses. The 24 hours we were there reminded me comfort can be found in unlikely places. You just have to remember to look for it. And also know that comfort will always exist somewhere. It can be a physical place, a person, a thing or even a memory. You can always find it when you need it. That internal feeling of bliss. The place you really want to escape to. The feeling you really always just want to have. I asked the ladies during the pajama party the question I'm going to ask you. 


What does comfort mean to you?

A few answers in a few words:
Home. Plush. Pluff mud. Smell of my son's bald head. My dogs. Finding 2 empty corner seats at a poker table with the anticipation you & your dad are about to whoop 'em. 

(okay, I cheated. I asked them to describe in 1-2 words.)

Photographer: Stacy Gardin

Comfort will always be available to you. Find your way to reach it & go there when you need. Have a wonderful rest of your week and remember pie is better shared and there's enough of it to go around. Pecan or pumpkin, either one.




October 26, 2022 — Erin Yates