Why Hello Friend, 

It's been quite a while since my last e-letter dropped! With the end of one year & beginning of a new, there have been some ch-ch-ch-changes happenin' around here. The biggest being the relaunch of loungewithus.com. She got a face lift! And here is what you can expect moving forward:

You can now leave a review on any of your favorite products! 

Know that when you perform this very sweet act that I know ALL small business owners gigantically appreciate, Dolly is going to email you a little something lounge-tastic in return. Can I be very honest? Personally, when I come around to a "leave a review!" section, I usually skip over it. Maybe because I'm in a hurry or maybe because I assume someone else is doing it. But no longer my friends! Because I have learned REVIEWS MATTER SO MUCH & can really help to improve the overall user experience.

You can now Shop the Showroom!

You can book an appointment online, drive on over to The Lounge Showroom & enjoy your personalized shopping experience. One on one with myself or bring a few girlfriends with! Want to celebrate a gal pal's birthday? I'll have balloons & cake! Need something appropriate to wear in front of the in-laws for the family trip coming up? Oh, I've got that covered plus champagne just cause you'll need it. Is someone you know just going through a tough time right now & want to gift them something beautiful & cozy? The reasons are endless & I would love to help curate any kind of shopping experience that you need.

The Real Charleston Women Series continues & it's just the beginning!

This one grows in size because that's how much I love it. Discover the real women behind Charleston's up & coming female owned brands. Learn more about their personalities & how they find comfort once the business hats come off. 


Without further a due, I’d like you to meet our next entrepreneur in the Real Charleston Women Series:  Dana Susina

               Dana Susina King Street Minivans      

Tell us a little about your profession & why you do what you do:
I am the founder & owner of King Street Minivans, Charleston's family & group friendly rental car company. I started KSM because I LOVE traveling with our daughter & showing her the world, but always found myself thinking "this shouldn't be so hard!" Besides being able to skip the rental car counter, the real magic of KSM is that your minivan can be preloaded with everything else you need for your trip: car seats, strollers, pack-&-plays, beach gear, & much more!

Where is your favorite place to dine in Charleston?
Chasing Sage. It's a family owned & operated restaurant downtown with the best food & the best atmosphere. It's named after the owners' (husband=chef, wife=front of house) kids, get this... Chase & Sage! How cute is that!

If you could lounge anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Iceland. We rented a camper van as a family last summer & the beauty of a camper van, especially with kiddos, is you can stop & lounge ANYWHERE! Wake up & have coffee in your jammies lounging by a waterfall. Hike up a mountain, bring some beers, & lounge in some hot springs. Toddler needs to nap? Pull over your mobile hotel, uncork some wine, & lounge with the roadside sheep. The Lounge-pportunities were endless.
[Side note: I'm (Erin) going to be using "Lounge-pportunities" from here on. Genius!]

What does comfort mean to you?
Finding comfort (mentally & physically) is the ultimate goal, right?! For me, the most comfortable thing is first thing in the morning with my husband, daughter, & pup all snuggled up in bed together. Breakfast & coffee are on the horizon & the day is full of possibilities.

What might you say to someone who needs a little pick me up?
Everything is a season. This too shall pass.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
"Nobody thinks they are the bad guy." This has helped me understand & empathize with so many more people in the world.

How do you recharge?
Yoga followed promptly by a glass of pinot noir.

What do you need to rant about or get off your chest?
WTF isn't paid parental leave, good postpartum care, & affordable childcare a thing in the U.S.?!

What's your secret weapon?

Favorite recipe we need to know about?
If you add a little pinot noir to your pinot noir, it gets even better.

Real Charleston Women Series Dana Susina King Street Minivans

Hope you enjoyed meeting Dana in this lounge sesh and remember pie is better shared and there's enough of it to go around.

Love in lounge, Erin & Dolly

February 24, 2022 — Erin Yates