“There’s something special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, & the nerve to never take no for an answer.” - Rhianna

This quote hits home in a few ways. While I appreciate Queen Rhi Rhi’s emphasis on women empowerment in an overly run male-led business world & admiration for those ladies who don’t easily back down, three words immediately entered my mind: NEVER. GIVE. UP.

Yes, you hear it all the time. Sure, you’ve seen it on a poster in a classroom. The crane trying to swallow the frog while the frog squeezes the crane's neck so that he’s not swallowed whole. But how many times have you really felt like throwing in the towel, not speaking up, agreeing to whatever sounded good to the other person?

I have many times. I know I have a naivety about me. I care most for how the other person reacts. But I can honestly say running my own business & my life’s path in general has taught me to NOT do these things. I am not on the same level as her majesty Rihanna’s girlboss-ness, but one thing I am very proud of is I DO NOT give up.

Two images side by side of Erin Yates wearing new loungewear


Resilience is something I have learned much better the past few years. And I’ve had some very big upsets. Personally & professionally. I can attribute some of my resilience to faith. The other part? I attribute to you reading this maybe gaining a little strength or motivation not to easily bow out. I looked at these photos of myself (I am so awkward during photo shoots. Where did those Barbizon days of model training as a teen go!?) & thought I should be proud of the woman in these photos.

So, when you hear the word “No” or you start to feel that little doubtful devil on your shoulder, shake it off & KEEP GOING. Honestly because you have to. You’ll be glad you did. And if not immediately, you will. Excuses are like those Crumbl Cookie commercials to me. I accept them so & they persuade me, but I know I need to stay away from them. Life will always be about timing. Hold that head high because bigger things really are coming your way. I don’t know what that even means for myself but I will always believe it. And something I believe in for you too. You just have to KEEP ON GOING. The only time I’ll take “No” for an answer is when it agrees with me.

This is #InRealLounge.

Erin, wearing a burnt orange top, and her mom, wearing a Hey Mama t-shirt, smiling at each other

Lastly, if you can't have fun doing it, don't listen to Nike. Just don't do it. (See what I did there?) Time is a very precious, more valuable thing than we acknowledge on a daily basis. Happy Almost Mother's Day! Yes, this is how we look at each other all the time. Love you Mamas!

Photo Creds: Erin Turner Photography

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April 26, 2023 — Erin Yates