Lounge With Us Mobile App

Lounge With Us Mobile App

You read it right...


During these past few weeks, we have been working on the backend to bring you an easier way to get comfy & lounge with us. Our LWU App is coming soon! 🎉

Here's what you will find:
A more seamless, simple way to shop LWU within your own personal LWU account. 
Receive push notifications when new arrivals drop, new sales, alerts when we are going LIVE!
Track orders easily & check past orders. 
Use your account credit earned on each purchase towards loungetastic clothing.
Wait, what did that say??
This 👇

*NEW* App Loyalty Program & Referral Program

Earn 2% in account credit for each App purchase! (Sounds like a credit card but no, no credit card here) Just new perks to help you snag those items you've been eyeballing. Refer a new friend using your own referral code, they will receive 15% off their first App purchase while you receive 2% account credit from their purchase!

*NEW* LIVE Shopping on Facebook, Instagram & App

This past Thursday we tested our new LIVE shopping platform in The Lounge & on our Facebook page. You can assume a few hiccups, ha! Overall, most shoppers had a smooth shopping experience. The goal here is to help bring a more interactive shopping experience in which it helps you to "feel" the product through the screen. Click HERE to watch our latest LIVE. 

Another cool thing (for lack of better words) is the fact that you are able to shop past LIVES easily. You can always scroll our Facebook page, watch the videos & comment as though you were there live. We still receive those notifications in order to help you. In the meantime, while the App is being built, you can go ahead & register for LIVE Shopping. It takes 1 minute, maybe 1 1/2. You are not bombarded with emails or messages simply because I don't have time for that 😆 Did I mention you receive an extra percent back making LIVE purchases earning you 3% back into your account?

Check out the TWO ways below to create your account 👇 
Shop LIVE with Erin from Lounge With Us
Shop LIVE with Erin from Lounge With Us
We are so excited to connect with you LIVE every Thursday night at 8PM EST. Please feel free to reach out to Erin at erin@loungewithus.com if you need help registering for your new LIVE & app account. 
March 06, 2023 — Erin Yates