I just received the first draft of the press release for the new store. NEW STORE! It still hasn't quite hit me that in roughly 2 1/2 months LWU will be fully running (or lounging) on it's feet right down the street from my home on James Island. Demolition starts today. With Memorial Day weekend just happening, Mom drove down Friday & we shopped 'til we dropped with her BFF LuAnn for store furniture plus 1 short Home Team break for wings. (Scroll down a little for the yummy proof.) I'm thrilled to say we have a great jump start on ordering of fixtures, lighting, seating & supplies. A head start if you will.


I'd really like to keep the appearance of the store under wraps 'til its opening. Can you blame a girl who loves nothing more than surprising people? Okay, okay.. Here's one sneak peek. We'll be replacing this vintage beauty:

with this new lounge-worthy beauty: 


*Sidenote*  I am super interested in hearing from you! I'd love to know what brand of clothing you want to see in store. Are there any specific styles you prefer to lounge in? Work in? Travel in? You can reply directly to me from this email. Thank you. Back to our regularly scheduled newsletter...

May also kicked off our full season run of Party at the Point. If you haven't attended one yet, I highly recommend it! It has been so much fun listening to live music on the beach, meeting new faces, & spreading the word of our new brick & mortar. This Friday will feature The Midnight City Band who's been voted the Charleston City Paper's Best Local Band 4 years running. We will have lots of new accessories on display this Friday as well as our infamous pink popup tent for you to try on our comfy clothing! 

I also found out recently that we are locked in as a vendor for Dabo's Ladies Clinic again this year. The event will take place Saturday, July 15th at Littlejohn Coliseum. It is Clemson University's most popular fundraiser, & it raises money specifically for breast cancer research, technology, education, & prevention. An honor to be a part of. 


Carb & wing loading in between shopping Mt. Pleasant's finest interior stores. Must shout out to: GDC Home, deGuise Interiors, Village Emporium, CHD Interiors, Steven Shell Living, Haven's Furniture, Meadow Blu, Lowcountry Lighting Studio, Elizabeth Stuart Design, Lyndon Leigh, Ballard Designs & Interior Motives. If you are in need of new interiors for your home or business, I wouldn't hesitate to check these out. (I told y'all we shopped 'til we dropped.)

I recently read "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." 

 I cannot lie. The thought of heading back to a set schedule working away from home in a public setting does scare me a little. Maybe not scared but creates an anxious feeling. Especially after 3 years of living & working on my own time. The anxious feeling also probably comes from the growing amount of charges on my work credit card but that's beside the point. I honestly don't know if I'm ready for this life change, but I am okay with not knowing. Running a brick & mortar, training employees, traveling for work again. It does feel like starting over in a way. But I do know that it is the right thing to do because the timing is right. I tell friends to "trust their gut." I am listening to mine & running with it. I think you should too. Take the leap. I hope you'll continue lounging with me & I am SO excited to keep you in the loop on what happens next. Hope to chat with you LIVE tomorrow night in the app. Have a wonderful rest of your week.


May 31, 2023 — Erin Yates