It may have been a while since you last heard from me! But don’t worry, it’s only because I have been plotting and planning, while lounging of course, to bring to you what you really want. Because lounge is a lifestyle, right? With this, I deliver to you my very first E-Letter!

You’re here because you…

A) Have shopped with me before
B) Are a lover of Dolly Parton, my Frenchie
C) Have already learned of my new business venture
or D) Are someone in which I would love to reconnect with!

No matter where you fall in that list, I write you today to get better aquatinted with you. I want to bring each of you along as I scour the globe to find the best of the best in comfortable, lounge-tastic clothing to supply you with real comfort in yourself your clothes and your life because you know what they say, clothing is ultimately the suit of armor in which we battle the world!


While we’re getting aquatinted, I figured I’d better share with you who I am and where Lounge With Us comes from:

Back in August of 2020, I resigned from my position as Buyer from a local European lingerie store in which I had worked 10 years for. When the pandemic hit, changes ensued within that company, my family, my friends’ lives, & I’m sure your life too. To add to the change, my body started taking a toll mentally and physically as well! (Hello unwanted weight gain) But with those changes came a need – A need for a different style of clothing to match our new ways of life.

Back in the dressing room days, I would listen to SO many stories about body image, issues we have with self confidence, what we do to feel beautiful, what styles best flatter us & which don’t. This led me to search for clothing that make us feel good, inside  and out that can be worn while having to work from home, take a Zoom call, pick up the kids, make a quick run to the grocery store, or hop on a 5 hour flight.

So I asked myself, what do women really want? My first thought was “comfort.” Not just comfortable clothing, but that internal comfort that gives you all the feels!

Traditionally, when you think of loungewear you think of sweatpants with a tee shirt, or joggers with a sweatshirt that can be worn primarily around the house. While this still stands true, I see loungewear as much more. Lounge is a lifestyle. It’s feeling your most confident self in the most comfortable clothing available. And after meeting and talking with different designers in women’s clothing, I genuinely believe loungewear is here to stay even as we ease out of this pandemic.

My goal is to provide you with pieces you can comfortably wear out and about on your day off, pieces that you can wear wherever or whenever you choose to lounge.

In our store you will find fun printed tee shirts, the softest joggers & sweatpants EVER, breathable dresses, cozy outerwear, useful leggings, & fun accessories to take on your favorite lounging getaway. You’ll find young Women-Owned brands & sustainable clothing. You’ll find brands you may have never even heard of before & didn’t know you needed to.

Aside from the clothing, I want Lounge With Us to be a community. A space where we as women can show up and be real. Where we can all share our daily experiences, questions, tips, whatever may cross your mind to make the world a little brighter.


To conclude…

When I left my previous employer, I felt all sorts of emotions. I know change can be scary for people. I took a leap starting a business in the brunt of the pandemic. To me, life is about growth though. That feeling of accomplishing the next step. Jumping a hurdle in slow-mo AND clearing it.

am starting again with comfort first. Comfort on my skin & more importantly comfort internally. And I truly hope you also find that comfort when you discover lounge with us.

Now that you’ve heard from me, we gotta keep this a two-way street, right? Dolly wants to hear from you! We created this fun little space on Facebook called The Lounge and you’re invited! So let Dolly know –



This could be as simple as the couch or tub or a certain spa in Arizona… Could be a horse arena. Whatever strikes your fancy! Join The Lounge Facebook Group, and share your answer. This is where I’ll also drop exclusive coupon codes, the newest arrivals, & different giveaways.


Dolly & I could not be more excited that you are here!


June 15, 2021 — Erin Yates