Can you believe we are approaching the 4th of July already??  If your answer is no, we are with you!  It seems as though this week many of you are gearing up for a weekend full of fun, friends, family & maybe some fireworks! When any major holiday approaches, we also realize stress levels may rise.  You may make 5 more grocery trips than normal, 5 more loads of laundry than usual and you may have to budget more funds to watch the kiddos or fur babies while you enjoy that “you” time. Have you chuckled at the last sentence? YOU TIME? What in green acres is YOU TIME?


You Time

This is the time you must set aside for yourself to care & love your mind and body. As much as you give, give & give, it’s easy for us to forget caring for ourselves. This is your friendly reminder. To be honest, we as women, hold a lot on our plates. We are responsible for way too many things. So, here’s my challenge to you: change something about your routine to include a little more “you time.”  Order the bubble bath. Order the new perfume you’ve been wanting to try. Drop a sweet note to someone who’s least expecting. Make an extra batch of those delicious boiled peanuts (or treat of your choice) & pass it to your co-workers. 

To us, giving is receiving. We have today. Do something out of your norm. With that said, this is a very important question that applies to us all:

Comfort is the starting point. Now this comfort doesn’t just come from the clothes you wear; this comfort is that internal satisfaction, that internal happiness we strive for everyday.

We receive it from positive communication with others, from certain work goals we’ve reached, or simply from the smile of a stranger. One of the pillars of Lounge With Us is to help create a community of women in which we can empower one another & remind ourselves that beauty truly does start within.

The best part is – now we are able to actually get to go out and about within our communities, and see each other’s faces!

Our door is always open & look forward to connecting with you in the near future. Loungewear is a lifestyle, y’all. I hope you include us in on your lounge-tastic journey. Click to join our Facebook group, The Lounge, for first dibs on coupon codes & giveaways.

Real women. Real talk. Trust us, Dolly loves to surprise us!


June 29, 2021 — Erin Yates