Fall is near & football is here!

Pumpkin Spice bonanza has started at Starbucks. Harris Teeter has whipped out the pumpkin & sweet potato pies. College football has kicked off. I literally just googled “When does Fall officially start?” & I’m shocked to learn it actually starts September 22nd. That seems too far away. I’m starting it NOW. Even though the art of lounging takes place year round, I truly believe Fall & Winter are the utmost core lounging months. Bundling up by a fire, screaming your lungs out at the game, taking that annual road trip to watch the leaves change – all special things to do in your favorite joggers & cardigans.

Aside from wishing cooler weather upon us, (it is STILL in the 90’s here in Charleston) I’ve been behind the scenes watching her short videos & learning tips on fun ways to market LWU. By “her” I’m referring to the next lady leader in our Real Charleston Women Series, Vivian Walton, The Seasoned Marketer. Vivian’s videos are not only just for business owners, but also for those of us who’d like help bettering our own social media pages. (I’m raising my hand on this one.) I invite you to check out any one of her media outlets & I guarantee you will learn something new & helpful! She’s personable. She listens. She’s real.


Without further a due, I’d like you to meet the third small business owner in our Real Charleston Women spotlight:  Vivian Walton.

The Seasoned Marketer



Q: Describe your business & where we can find you.

A: I share marketing tips, tools & tactics with resourceful business owners & I can be found on YouTube, Instagram & Facebook under The Seasoned Marketer or at www.TheSeasonedMarketer.com.

Q: Describe yourself in 3 words.

A: Persistent. Silly. Unorganized. (I hate to admit it, but I’m old enough to embrace it now.)

Q: What is your favorite lounging spot or destination?

A: My back porch! My husband & I are lucky to have a quaint little spot that overlooks a lake in Moncks Corner. I love lounging in my robe & slippers in the morning & watching the wildlife. (Alligators included!)

Q: What’s your favorite lounging snack in that spot or destination?

A: Any sparkling seltzer water. (But preferably Lacroix Guava Sao Paulo flavor.)

Q: What could you talk about for hours?

A: Marketing and income streams! There are a million different ways to get the same outcomes in both & I am fascinated listening to business owners, their strategies & their unique approach to both.

Q: If you could make 1 rule & everyone had to follow it that day, what would it be?

A:They’d have to try doing one thing they’ve never tried before. (Seriously the older we get, the less prone we are to wanting to try new things because we don’t like being bad at anything!)

Q: Lastly, what’s your life’s theme song?

A: Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun” If you’re not having fun adulting, you’re doing it wrong.


Hope you enjoyed meeting Vivian in this lounge sesh and remember pie is better shared and there’s enough of it to go around.







September 09, 2021 — Erin Yates