Ahhh.. two lovely lounging spots wouldn’t you say?  And perfect timing for the heat wave of Summer we are in now.

However, once the few seconds of blissful “Ahhhhs” wear off it’s often followed by several minutes of “Ugh! I don’t want to be in a bathing suit!” or “Oh my gah! I need a tan before I can get out there” or “No one wants to see me in this thing!

If you’ve ever had these thoughts, this E-letter is for you. Here are our thoughts on the “I still don’t want to be in public seen in anything other than my clothes that cover my body” feelings:

  1. You. Are. Beautiful.  Even though you have up and down days in which your body image fluctuates, it’s the ultimate package You that people want to be around.  Your body is the shell.  Your brain, that witty personality, that caring heart – this is what creates the You that people are drawn to. 
  2. Be Yourself. There’s nothing worse than a fake Fendi.  Or a fake you.  Get out on that beach & catch that Vitamin D.  Becoming comfortable in our own skin we know is not simple but it is healthy.  Once we can learn to accept our bodies, magical things start to happen.
  3. Find your crowd. If you’re going to be around a crowd of people who you know would treat you differently, find another crowd.  Seriously.  They do not deserve your sweet time.  There are many other crowds at the beach or pool. 
  4. Go have fun! Take that new Summer read with you to your lounge chair and dive in.  Or take a bucket to go exploring for shark’s teeth.  Perhaps try a different “activity” than what you are used to.  Take a journal and put those writing skills to use.

Every one of us reading this is different.  We all think differently.  We can agree body image is a sensitive, tough subject for many.  Acceptance comes first and if needed, change will occur when timing is right.  This isn’t an E-letter reminding you to eat healthy & exercise because, sheesh, don’t we get reminded to do that all of the time?

This letter is to remind you that you are amazing just the way you are and can rock whatever swimsuit you want anywhere you want!  Why?  Because you’re a beautiful human being and people love you for you.

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July 15, 2021 — Erin Yates