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Leggings and lounge mix together like cookies and cream. And speaking of ice cream, this is a huge reason I do love a good set of leggings! You can eat whatever ice cream you like and not feel too guilty about it in your leggings.

These well-worn, practical choice of pants have taken on an entire new life path in the past several years.

👖They've mated with jeans and became jeggings. 
🐻They've gotten attacked by bears and received slashes in them. 
👋🏼People began to shun them due to a multi-level marketing firm's scandal. 

No matter the trials leggings have endured, there are some available that are shining brighter than Rhianna's diamonds. Please continue..

I truly do believe a woman should invest money in:
1) HERSELF always
2) A well fitted bra (actually several to rotate - it's the bra fitter in me)
3) The tempting lipstick or lip-gloss that may cost one month's water bill but you deserve to try it!
4) Leggings that you can comfortably wear all day long and feel super chic wearing.

You do not have to be a professional in the following fields to justify a well-built pair of leggings:
1) Yoga/Pilates
2) Dancer
3) Tightrope Walker
4) Wrestler

You do have to partake in the following activities to become a professional legging wearer:

1) Lounger of the couch
2) Frequent flier
3) Mega coupon clipper (takes a lot of movement around on the floor or large table)
4) One who attempts the mechanical bull ride during questionable hours
5) The list goes on and I guarantee one pertains to you

Now I will say not all leggings are created equally. Some I have tried ended up in places they shouldn't and do not stay where they should. Some have decided to become magical and translucent. (This is never a good thing.) I will admit I have always been a fan of the legging that belongs to Lulu. However, I can buy many a gallon of cookies and cream for one pair of those precious solid black leggings. But you know what? I've been wearing those same solid black leggings for literally years now. And now I have found others that I like just as much that don way more pizazz than the basic monotone pair. Take a peek!

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August 10, 2022 — Erin Yates