B-Edit Biodegradable Knickers


Say hello to the world's first collection of super soft and 100% biodegradable lace knickers. The B-Edit Biodegradable knickers are designed in London, grown in a forest &  composted in your garden!

Described as "The World's Comfiest Knickers" & receiving accolades from the likes of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, & Forbes, these biodegradable panties should absolutely be something you try!

The fit is that of a low-rise bikini without being too skimpy & the fabric.... girl, the fabric! They are made of a combination of Lenzing TENCEL with Roica V550 rather than traditional elastane. The biodegradable process releases no harmful chemicals into the soil & takes just 180 days to fully break down.

This collection is made in Portugal in factories adhering to the highest employment & environmental policies. When they reach the end of it's life, you can plant it in the soil & it will be gone within 3 months.

They are VPL (visible panty line) free & lay smoothly on the skin.

Dolly says, "You'll stay comfortable & confident all day long in these amazing panties."

We do recommend sizing up in these.

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